(a) The aim of this notification is to disclose to the Client the risks associated with margin trading in financial markets. Trading in financial markets, due its specific nature, has a higher level of risk than other forms of investment and the Client should be aware of the possibility of losing more than the amount originally invested.

(b)  Margin trading involves trading with the use of borrowed funds (leverage). This means that the Client can carry out trading operations with sums which significantly exceed the size of the Client’s trading account. When trading with margin, even small changes in the exchange rate of an instrument can have a substantial effect on the Client’s trading account. As such, we recommend keeping a margin level of no less than 1000%. In any case, the Client assumes all risks connected with margin trading.

(c) Not all instruments are traded around the clock. Many are traded only during specific times and therefore not all trading operations can be carried out twenty-four hours a day. You can find more information about the trading sessions of instruments in the Contract Specification section of our site which we regularly update and keep up-to-date, although without any obligations or responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided by us. For example, national holidays and the switch to daylight saving time affects the trading times of instruments. Moreover, a particular market may be suspended for any number of reasons which will make carrying out trading operations impossible.

(d) The client is aware that trading operations are carried out at the prices provided by the Company and not at the prices shown on exchanges or at any other rates. The prices offered by the Company are formulated based on exchange or market prices but may differ from the price of the base instrument for a number of reasons. Trading with the Company is only offered at the Company’s rates.

(e) The Client assumes all risks connected with any malfunctions by information systems such as software or hardware failures, improper hardware settings or improper settings in the client terminal, or other malfunctions».

(f) In order to minimize the risk associated with connection failures or other technical problems, we recommend using Stop Loss and Take Profit orders;.

(g) If you have any doubts regarding any of the risks associated with trading on financial markets, we recommend you request independent professional assistance before continuing to trade.

(h) Margin trading is not necessarily intended as a replacement for existing or traditional forms of investment and is therefore not suitable for everyone.