1. General questions about RannForex

1.1. Who is the Management of RannForex?

1.2. Are you a licensed broker?

1.3. Is my money safe?

1.4. What is the minimum age for becoming a client?

2. Trading terms & conditions

2.1. What trading instruments do you provide?

2.2. Do you allow scalping?

2.3. From where do you get quotes, that I can see in my MetaTrader5? Who are your liquidity providers?

2.4. What is the average time of orders execution?

2.5. Do you provide trading signals?

2.6. Do you offer trading bonuses?

2.7. Do you offer PAMM accounts?

3. Trading platform & Technologies

3.1. Do you offer MetaTrader 4?

3.2. I can't login to MetaTrader 5. What shall I do?

3.3. What IP addresses of servers shall I use to log in to RannForex MetaTrader 5?

3.4. How can I change a password to MetaTrader 5?

3.5. What is AMTS ECN? What trading technologies are used in RannForex?

4. Deposits & Withdrawals

4.1. What payment methods do you offer? How can I deposit? Can I deposit or withdraw crypto?

4.2. How long the deposit and withdrawal takes?

4.3. Is it possible to speed up my verification process at Top Change?

4.4. Can I withdraw funds if I have opened positions?

4.5. Can I deposit or withdraw directly with Webmoney?

4.6. What is your commission for withdrawals?

5. Client Cabinet & Verification

5.1. What for do I need a Client Cabinet?

5.2. How to active my Client Cabinet?

5.3. What do I need to do to verify my Client Cabinet?

5.4. Can I make a deposit and start trading before the Client Cabinet verification?

5.5. I lost my password to Client Cabinet. What shall I do?

6. Partnership with RannForex (Introducing Broker program)

6.1. How can I become an Introducing Broker?

6.2. How can I introduce clients to RannForex?

6.3. What commission will I get for the clients, that I will introduce to RannForex?

6.4. How often will I get rebates to my partner's account?

6.5. Can I trade at my IB account?

6.6. Do IB's need to deposit to get referral link?