AMTS has developed in-house a full-fledged ECN (Electronic Communication Network) which features all the latest technology used in the finance industry.

What is ECN?

ECN is an electronic equivalent to an exchange which brings together client orders and various liquidity providers such as banks, other ECNs, and larger brokers.

Characteristics of AMTS ECN

  1. AMTS ECN is a multimodular, endlessly scalable system.
  2. ECN is built based on a high-speed data exchange and architecture capable of handling high-frequency queries.
  3. AMTS ECN has throughput capacity of over 30,000 orders per second.
  4. Any quantity of liquidity providers may be connected to AMTS ECN. The liquidity providers are merged into one stream which allows for a stable, steady system and provides access to the best prices in the market.
    Liquidity Providers AMTS ECN
  5. AMTS ECN features an innovative logic for operating with liquidity providers which allows operations to be optimized, the load on liquidity providers to be reduced, and high quality execution of client orders to be achieved.
  6. AMTS ECN makes no restrictions on placing entry orders. Clients may place limit orders within the spread.
  7. We have no restrictions regarding trading tactics, such as ‘pipsing’ or ‘scalping.’ There are no clauses in the contract concerning the length of time or amount of profit derived from trades.
  8. Market spread starting at 0 pips.
  9. Instant execution and no requotes.
  10. There’s another distinct feature of our ECN: RannForex clients may gain execution at prices more favorable than those they indicated in the order.
  11. RannForex does not in any way interfere in the trading process. We have no artificial delays or slippage.
  12. Thanks to the anonymity of trades, orders from any given client are not identified in the overall stream, which precludes the possibility of liquidity providers giving any particular client worse execution. RannForex has an interest in the profitability of traders and in increasing trading volumes. We do everything possible to ensure the profitability of our clients.

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