No conflict of interest between trader and broker

RannForex operates based completely on a brokerage model. That means that all client orders are processed in the wider market. As such, there is absolutely no conflict of interest between the company and its clients. The company has an interest in seeing its clients be successful and does everything possible to facilitate their success.

Given that its income comes from trading volumes, the company benefits from profitable traders who are able to generate high trading volumes.

Cutting-edge, in-house ECN

ECN is the electronic equivalent of an exchange which brings together the orders of the system’s clients as well as those of various liquidity providers such as banks, other ECN networks, or large brokers.

Trading Platform - MetaTrader 5

The popular and well-established MetaTrader 5 is the main trading platform for Forex.

No restrictions on trading strategies or tactics

RannForex does not place any restrictions on how its clients may trade. For example, there are no restrictions on the time frame or profit of trades. There are also no restrictions on the placing of orders – limit orders may even be placed within the spread. Additionally, RannForex is not exposed to any trading risks, which significantly increases the reliability and stability of the company.


The AMTS ECN includes various services and special features which demonstrate the transparency of the company’s operations.

In the commentary which accompanies each trade, we indicate the amount of slippage which was experienced during the opening and closing of a position. This allows the client to easily evaluate the level of service. For example, you can see that for most limit orders, the slippage occurs in the client’s favor – and on no occasion does it slip into the red for the client. But it should be mentioned that stop and market orders may experience both positive and negative slippage.

We don’t hide from our clients the market depth (Level 2), which in addition to providing a view of current liquidity also makes available several functions such as one-click trading, volume-weighted average, etc.

Trading Terms

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